Data driven matchmaking between you and your new job

For future employees

Bundling all your skills into a smart and agile profile

For future employers

Connecting the right profiles to the right markets


Want to look inside?

Tired of having to update your cv constantly? Laborate takes care of that so you can focus on what really matters: Personal development

“I started using Laborate as a student and it allowed me to asses my skillset very accurate thanks to the smart tools available. My profile on Laborate landed my first job even before I finished my studies!”

- Adam, 22y
Marketing and communications alumni

System Features:

  • A completely ‘anonymous’ profile, promoting equality on all levels
  • Standardization of skills into smart graphs and ratings
  • Personality tests to asses your strenghts and weaknesses
  • A timeline feature for all your curricular and extracurricular activities to show your progress
  • Portfolio options so you have all your career info in one place

Laborate Provides a smart digilink between you and your future career

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